Plagiarism An Ethical Crime

Today I wish to share my piece of knowledge with you about plagiarism. Although commonly termed as an act of intellectual dishonesty, plagiarism is actually a crime that too an ethical one. Many of you will agree that as the world has grown technologically, so have the tools and means for the plagiarists. Computers, internet, and latest communication tools provide easy opportunities to these dodgers to access a large amount of material, and use it to their advantage. Those with lesser intellect (plagiarists) have found more ways, and means to prove them better, or even equal to the ones having genuine capability to produce original stuff.

Plagiarism An Ethical CrimeYou must have observed that plagiarists have been encouraged by declaring these as smart workers, whereas the original writers are being called as hard workers. This smart vis-à-vis hard worker theme has actually emboldened the plagiarists, as these are time and energy savers, and can manage more amount of work than the ones capable of producing original work. The tricks of the trade of these plagiarists include Copy and Paste, Use of Thesaurus, Shifting of Phrases amongst the Paragraphs, etc.

Though constant efforts, and improvements are being made to safeguard the original work from being plagiarized at the cyber level, yet no elaborate systems of protection has been devised in the overall system of the literary world. Even, at the societal levels, these acts are not even termed as major crimes; rather a little simplistic view prevails for them. Moreover, as plagiarism affects the educated class only, who are mostly genuine, and gentle people, therefore a lenient and tolerant attitude is shown from them against the plagiarists. However, in-depth analyses highlight that these plagiarists indirectly play with the sentiments of original writers/authors, which directly targets that well educated class of society.

To discourage these plagiarists, the first step, which must be immediately taken, is to declare these as ethical criminals, and plagiarism as ethical crime. Only through the stringent measures, we can save the original work, and their website content writers.